Regener-Eyes® has an FDA claim: To relieve dryness of the eye.
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  • “Regener-Eyes has become essential in the management of my dry eye disease patients. Its unique components and effectiveness allow it to work when no other option is achieving the desired results. I’ve seen dramatic improvement in corneal and conjunctive dry eye cases… The improvement in my patient’s symptoms and signs has been impressive.”

    Paul M. Karpecki, OD, FAAO

  • "Regener-Eyes has been such an incredible tool in my practice. Ocular discomfort is so prevalent and so many patients think they just have to live with it, which could not be further from the truth. The difference Regener-Eyes has made is that it offers relief to patients with dry eye symptoms and it aids in my patient's eye health. The fact that my patients love it is why I recommend it and if I'm able to help a patient feel good then I have done my duty as an optometrist."

    Damaris Raymondi, OD, FAAO

  • “As an optometrist, I have recommended many options for dry eye in the past. Regener-Eyes has been, hands down, one of the best I have used. It has made a difference in the lives of so many patients, including my own mother, who truly suffered prior to starting Regener-Eyes. It is real game changer in the Dry Eye arena.”

    Laureen Waldron, OD

  • “My patients love Regener-Eyes and are loyal users of the eyedrops. Many of my patients have not found any other eye drop to be helpful for their symptoms, including the prescription dry eye drops. What my patients say is that they find the drop provides almost immediate relief for their symptoms and keeps them comfortable throughout the day, which is typically hard to do with any other type of eye drop.”

    Jennifer Chinn, OD

  • “Regener-Eyes is a fantastic addition to our treatment offerings for patients along the entire severity continuum. Regener-Eyes® consistently performs very well, helping re-establish a healthy ocular surface and provides my patients reliable subjective improvement.”

    Ahmad M. Fahmy, OD, FAAO, DIPL., ABO

  • “I have been a sufferer of chronic dry eyes going on 5 years. My ophthalmologist initially started me on the routine lubricant drops which were of no help. After fighting with insurance I finally got approval for (a prescription) which did nothing. I ended up buying (a different prescription) myself as my condition had worsened and I couldn’t get coverage. This too did nothing. I finally saw an amazing sub-specialist who recommended Regener-Eyes…

    However, within a few days of starting Regener-Eyes I felt relief!!! Unlike serum eye drops they don’t require blood draws nor do they need refrigeration. My eye dryness resolved within the first month of using it. I highly recommend it as an incredibly effective treatment. The staff are friendly, professional, knowledgeable and highly efficient. They have amazing follow-up. The cost is comparable to the copay for other treatments and you don’t have to hassle with prior authorization. My one regret is that I didn’t know about this product earlier as it would have saved me a lot of discomfort and suffering. Try it… you will see!!!”

    Sheba Meymandi, MD

  • “Regener-Eyes® has been a game-changer for our practice. Even difficult to manage cases respond well. It has been especially helpful with contact lens patients who are being treated for dry eye disease. Dosing while wearing contacts has decreased any need for artificial tears.”

    Walter Choate, OD, FAAO

  • “Regener-Eyes® has opened a remarkable new dimension in Dry Eye management. It offers a simple solution to so many of the treatment challenges that we faced in the past without the complex issues associated with access to therapy and increased cost. It has become my preferred choice for moderate to severe dry eye therapy.”

    Jim Thimmons, OD, FAAO