Regener-Eyes® is an OTC Drug To Relieve Dryness of the Eye.


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“Regener-Eyes Pro has made all the difference in (helping) my 24 year long battle with chronic dry eye! My dry eye specialist Dr. Kuzas has been amazed at the lessening of my dry condition. I couldn’t recommend this product more highly! My vision has sharpened immensely! Thank you, Regener-Eyes!”

Marsha B.

“At my check-up this past week, my scan showed new brightness around my cornea. My eyes are comfortable and I have only had one experience of eyelid sticking to eyeball. I am very pleased with this progress in correcting my dry eye issues. I will continue using these drops as directed by my physician.”

Sharon H.

“Regener-Eyes Professional Strength has done wonders for my son Jack!  For some reason Jack is very sensitive to (certain) eye drops that contain cyclosporine.  After many attempts with numerous brands we finally hit the jackpot with Regener-Eyes!  His eyes look and feel so much better! We thank Regener-Eyes so much for improving Jack’s quality of life!”

Jamie E.

“My eye doctor is very impressed  with my results after using Regener-Eyes. I have an auto-immune disorder and one of the symptoms is dry eye. I haven’t needed to use steroid drops since starting Regener-Eyes.”

Bonnie G.

“Was using other eye drops for 20 yrs. I’ve been using Regener-Eyes Lite  and these drops have been a game-changer.  No more inflammation and significantly less burning. Worth every penny. Keep up the great work!!!”

Laura C.