Honoring Veterans with Enhanced Eye Health Awareness

Honoring Veterans with Enhanced Eye Health Awareness


In the spirit of dedication and service, we at Regener-Eyes continually seek to honor the health and wellness of those who have served our country. A recent article featuring the commendable work of VA optometrists in promoting glaucoma testing among veterans (link to the article) has particularly inspired us.

"Bay Pines VA optometrist Dr. Daniel Shea also believes that providing eye care is one of the most important ways to support the whole health of Veterans."

This initiative aligns closely with our mission to support eye health, focusing on the relief of dry eye symptoms.

Understanding Dry Eye in Veterans

Dry eye syndrome is a prevalent condition that affects millions worldwide, including many veterans. Factors such as exposure to challenging environments, certain medications, and the stress of service can contribute to its prevalence among this group. Regular eye exams, including glaucoma testing, are pivotal in detecting and managing eye health issues early on.

Regener-Eyes: A Natural Approach to Dry Eye Relief

At Regener-Eyes, we are proud to offer a safe eye drop that provides a natural and preservative-free option for those experiencing dry eye symptoms that may be associated to glaucoma. Our dedication to utilizing scientific advancements aims to improve the quality of life for individuals, including veterans, by offering relief and comfort. Learn more about our approach at www.regenereyes.com.

Prioritizing Eye Health

The story of Dr. Daniel Shea's dedication to veterans' eye health is a powerful reminder of the importance of comprehensive eye care. It reinforces our commitment to support eye health professionals and the individuals they serve.

We stand with the VA and healthcare professionals like Dr. Daniel Shea in their efforts to promote eye health among veterans. Regener-Eyes is committed to being a part of the solution, offering relief for dry eye symptoms and supporting the overall well-being of our heroes.


Optometrist encourages Veterans to get glaucoma test - VA News

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